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Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe

2015 ESFRI submission

In 2015, eLTER was acknowledged as an emerging ESFRI research infrastructure.

What the assessors had to say

Scientific evaluation: “The proposal addresses the ESFRI criterion well, and based on SWG assessment of the science case, has potential to move towards implementation on the ESFRI roadmap timescale. Overall eLTER was rated as HIGH, with some aspects VERY HIGH. ENV SWG raised a number of minor concerns which if correctly addressed should mean eLTER is fit for the ESFRI 2016 Roadmap.

ENV SWG has made a number of more detailed comments and observations: eLTER aims to integrate the multitude of in‐situ montoring and processing sites that exist in the ecology domain. The intent is to become a broker for validated and comparable long‐term and multiscale data for this field with connections and relevance within and outside Europe. The need for an infrastructure such as the one suggested in this proposal is absolutely evident from the scores on pan‐European relevance and socio‐economic impact. The eLTER RI fits very well in the Environmental Landscape Analysis and covers an important gap in long term observational needs which was already identified by the ENV SWG”.

Overall maturity assessment: MEDIUM

It was stated, that “A key challenge for the eLTER will be to transform a network of mainly PI driven long‐term ecosystem research sites into a harmonised research infrastructure of pan‐European relevance, combining top‐down components with bottom‐up solutions.”